Participant Spotlight: Ben Arnold

Ben Arnold _ Head ShotBen Arnold attended a Dispatch trip to the Dominican Republic this past February.  We had a chance to ask him a few questions about his experience, takeaways and ways he is paying it forward. His story is shared with you below!

If you’re interested in next year’s trip to the Dominican, just send us an email and we can get you more information!


What did you take away from your Dispatch trip?

I think there were three key take-away’s for me:

First; The trip leader (Duane) talked with us Saturday night (our first night in the DR) to give some context around how shockingly different it might be for us attending church with the Dominicans with respect to cultural, language and socio-economic differences. Any differences that might have been noticeable completely became irrelevant the second we started worshipping with the congregation. We sang, “Gloria a Su Nombre…” (Glory to Your Name) and were instantly united under the same God.
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Haiti Trip – Postponed

We have run into an unanticipated snag with our November 10-16 trip to Haiti. Unlike the US where elections are pretty set in stone regarding dates, Haiti is not as scheduled. It now appears that the presidential election will be held on October 25, 2015.

This election day is just two weeks before we are set to fly into Port Au Prince. As you can guess, the level of political unrest and uncertainty surrounding a presidential election in a country like Haiti is hard to predict. To that end, we are going to postpone our Nov 10-16 trip to Ti-Riviere for another time. As much as this bums me out, it is the right thing to do at this time for the participants and to ensure God uses our time there is the most effective way possible.

Be on the lookout for future rescheduled dates when it works for both Dispatch Project and Mission Haiti to partner on trip. In the meantime, your prayer and financial support for Mission Haiti is appreciated immensely.

Fostering Opportunities

Trip participants and founders of Dispatch Project often get asked about the purpose of the trips and opportunities made available to the Sioux Falls business community. Dispatch Project desires to create a spirit of service among the business community.  Fostering opportunities to help business leaders, employers and employees gain perspective and make a difference is our primary objective.

Recently, we came across this article that highlights Whole Foods, who is trying to provide these same opportunities to their employees. Whole Foods sends several employees on overseas trips each year.

Claire was one of 15 employees in 2012 that Whole Foods supported to travel to Kenya….  Golubski had just returned home after a month-long volunteer trip in a village east of Nairobi, Kenya, and her friends had thrown her a welcome back party. It reminded her of how much gets taken for granted in developed economies. “You see the impact that a dime or a quarter would make on someone’s life, so when you come back, you’re so taken with what $7 could actually do with someone back in Kenya,” Golubski said.

Read the full article here!

If you’re interested in creating these types of opportunities for your employees, or to gain some perspective on a personal level, we would love to have you join us on an upcoming trip!

Progress in the Dominican

In February, a team visited the Dominican to help a local church put up a new building. The team members helped with block work, cement work and putting up a roof.  But when they left La Romana, the building wasn’t quite complete.

However, we’ve received an update and the progress with the building is moving right along! The note and pictures below document what’s happened since the Dispatch team returned home.

The floor, front stage, shudders, doors, and stuccoing was all finished.  It was interesting to see the detail they had included in the entrance of the church and the stage area in front of church which showed the pride they take in their new facility.   The group inspired the community not only with their presence but also with their dirt moving, concrete hauling, forming of columns, roof building, and interacting with the children.          – Duane, contact with CRWM


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Fall Trip to Jamaica, Mon!

Dispatch Project will be organizing a service and learning trip to Jamaica, October 31 – November 7.  Much like our trip in 2014 we will be serving along side the missionaries and deaf community at Caribbean Christian Center for the Deaf.

Our time will be spent visiting a local orphanage, interacting with the students at one of the school campuses, and spreading some much needed love at the local infirmary . We will likely be helping with light construction at their up and coming Retreat Center at the Jamaican Deaf Village as well.  At some point during the week we will take a day to enjoy the beautiful beach and local cuisine, which is a wonderful chance to recharge and reflect

Three years ago, I attended a presentation on Dispatch Project’s mission trip to a deaf community in Jamaica. I was overtaken with emotion and knew immediately that I wanted to go and experience it for myself. When the opportunity arise, I gave it prayerful consideration and found in my heart a willingness and a mission to help the deaf in Jamaica. Looking back, I can barely describe it — the opportunity, the work, and the emotion all tangles together into one distant memory — but I clearly recall how it felt to communicate with the deaf using the sign language I’d learned in the states, and to reassure them that they were beloved children of God. Helping those less fortunate has given me a new outlook on compassion for humankind and I cannot wait to go on more trips in the future.           Betsy McCarty

This trip has something for everyone! You can read more about last years trip here.

Trip cost is $2,000 which covers airfare, lodging, meals and project costs. The cost is 100% tax deductible.

For more information, please contact this years trip leader, Sarah Werner at

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