Participant Spotlight: Christy Faber

Christy FaberChristy Faber has attended a Dispatch trip to Nicaragua the past two years. She had a lot of positive things to say about her experience. You can learn more about the Nicaragua trip by reading this recap. Another group heads to Nicaragua in April, 2016!

What did you take away from your Dispatch trip?

The Dispatch trip was a wonderful experience. I now am more aware of the Nicaraguan community and have experienced a small piece of mission work in this country. I know that missions is now going to be a part of my life. I want to share a trip with each of my four children!

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Serving in Jamaica


IMG_2703Serving in Jamaica this past November was simply amazing. I met the most wonderful group of people from the Sioux Falls area. We worked hard, had fun and endured a 3 hour bumpy and cozy van ride up the mountain to one of the most gorgeous places, the Jamaica Deaf Village.  Serving with the CCCD crew and the missionaries there was a true delight. There is so much I could say, but my friend, Sara summed it up so nicely in her recent blog post. I hope you take a moment to read more about it.

Also, I would encourage you, if you haven’t taken a trip like this, to just do it! You won’t regret the experience and the relationships along the way.

– Carissa


Looking back at Nicaragua

For the past three years, Dispatch has gathered together a team to fly down to Nicaragua and spend time with the three Nicaragua Christian Academy (NCA) schools, The Nehemiah Center and Tesoros de Dios in conjunction with Christian Reformed World Missions.  The trip allows those participating to not only work with the schools on special projects, but to also help out in classrooms, learn about the history and culture of Nicaragua and to develop relationships with both locals and missionaries living in Nicaragua.

The team left Sioux Falls on June 19th and consisted of 8 team members (including one from Amsterdam!) and after a full day of travel landed in Managua, Nicaragua.  The next morning we had the opportunity to attend church with International Christian Fellowship which worships at NCA International.  Attending service with other missionaries was a great way to kick of the trip!

The worship band getting ready for the service….we may have arrived a little early!

The worship band getting ready for the service….we may have arrived a little early!

Over the course of the trip we were to spend our first 3 ½ days in Managua at NCA Nejapa, The Nehemiah Center and Tesoros de Dios before moving onto Matagalpa.

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Dominican Republic, 2016

DR 2015 groupEvery year, Dispatch sends a team to the Dominican Republic to help churches and pastors with local building projects.  These trips are a great way to work along side the locals and make a difference in the lives of the Haitian and Dominican people.

Our next trip is scheduled for January 23-30, 2016!  We’re excited to partner with individuals and businesses who want to get involved in the Christian community abroad and make a difference! This trip is construction oriented but offers something for everyone who might be interested!

To read more about last years trip, click here.

If you’re an employer who’s interested in getting involved, click here.

If you’re ready to commit or need more information, you can email us and we’ll get you some more info!

This trip is sure to give you a new perspective and open your eyes to new things!


Participant Spotlight: Ben Arnold

Ben Arnold _ Head ShotBen Arnold attended a Dispatch trip to the Dominican Republic this past February.  We had a chance to ask him a few questions about his experience, takeaways and ways he is paying it forward. His story is shared with you below!

If you’re interested in next year’s trip to the Dominican, just send us an email and we can get you more information!


What did you take away from your Dispatch trip?

I think there were three key take-away’s for me:

First; The trip leader (Duane) talked with us Saturday night (our first night in the DR) to give some context around how shockingly different it might be for us attending church with the Dominicans with respect to cultural, language and socio-economic differences. Any differences that might have been noticeable completely became irrelevant the second we started worshipping with the congregation. We sang, “Gloria a Su Nombre…” (Glory to Your Name) and were instantly united under the same God.
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