We’re not just called to act. We’re called to serve.

Dispatch Project empowers businesses and their employees to answer that call. Founded on faith and upheld by Christ’s commands, we’re bridging the gap between wanting to make a difference and making it happen. 

Our trips expose area residents to overseas opportunities for serving those in need. The result? A growing community of individuals whose lives have been forever changed both by the love of Christ and witnessing, firsthand, its incredible impact on others. 

My time [in Jamaica] was an opportunity to expand my view of the world. I was in an unfamiliar place, culture, and climate, all without a cell phone. But God was a consistent presence throughout my time there. He is present and at work in Jamaica in the lives of those living there just as He is to me in Sioux Falls. In places I can’t comprehend, with my still limited view of the world, God is at work.
— Sam Goemann, scrum master at DocuTAP