Pictures below, if you don’t have time for the text.]

Our day started with an early (8am) breakfast at Olimpo Hotel. Or at least 8am AST feels early for people arriving after 2am the night before.

After a quick orientation, we loaded into the van and headed out to Benerito to worship with the congregation whose church we’ll be working on for the rest of the week. It was humbling to see those who have so little still experience the abundant joy our Savior provides his children whatever their walk of life. It’s an honor to be able to spend a week here with our extended family, helping them with our hands and our fellowship.

Just the thought of our arrival motivated the Haitians to start the project a week before we arrived. The block-work is mostly done, leaving us with our task for the rest of the week–helping with the roof, the floor, and possibly even a bathroom.

After Benerito, we headed back to La Romana for lunch and a short rest, and then we headed north to the sugarcane fields to see what a typical day for many Haitians is like. If the possibillity of $9/day for cutting 3 tons of sugarcane sounds enticing, too bad. These positions are highly sought after.

Once we’d bought out the stock of a nearby ice cream vendor, we moved on to Guaymate to look at projects from previous years. Thenback to the hotel for our evening meal and a night of rest before we start getting our hands dirty. Dirtier. Whatever.