The following note is from Christina Boyd – a 2013 Dispatch Project participant and project leader for our return trip in 2014.

Dear Friends,

Last year, I was presented with the awesome opportunity by my employer, DocuTAP, to partner with a team called “Dispatch Project” and join them on a mission trip to serve the Haitian people in the Dominican Republic.

Dispatch is a group of people in Sioux Falls who hope to inspire and equip our business community to answer Christ’s call to serve those in need.  It is designed to get the Sioux Falls business community involved in overseas service work and by doing so, touch the lives of others and create a spirit of service at home.

My trip last year was to the Dominican Republic helping a group of Christian Haitians build a much-needed second level to their church.  Not only did we help touch their lives, they significantly touched ours.  Those of us on this trip were forever changed and some of us couldn’t wait to be a part of another mission trip.  Little did I know that God would lay it on my heart for me to serve again so soon by having the Dispatch team ask me to lead the next group of people back to the Dominican Republic February 15-23, 2014.  With a humbled and thankful heart, I have accepted.

With that being said, part of my role as leader for this next group is helping with recruitment.  Dispatch is for anyone in the Sioux Falls business community who has a desire to serve the needy in Christ’s name.  Our trips are usually limited to 10 participants and the cost of the trip is usually around $2,000/person.  This cost includes travel/lodging/food as well as materials for our projects we serve on.  If you are an employee, please ask your employer to participate!  If you are an employer, please prayerfully consider sponsoring your employee(s) on a life-changing mission trip.

I am SO excited and look forward to being able to serve and go back to the Dominican Republic and the people that I fell in love with on my first trip.  I expect nothing less on this second mission trip than watching God work in the people we serve and ourselves as we participate in the spirit of giving of our time and resources.

If you have are interested or have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or email me!  I look forward to hearing from you!!

Christina Boyd