On each of these service projects, we try to plan a day where we can escape from the job site and experience something truly Dominican.  We had decided that today would be our “free” day and try to do something fun along with making our way back to the Capital for our last day before we fly out bright and early tomorrow morning.  What we didn’t realize was that a truly Dominican experience would mean a van that didn’t run well and in turn a very long, slow drive back to the Capital.  So the white sand beaches of the Caribbean will still have to be a thing of our dreams.  Although, we did get to spend a little time in the Colonial Zone, where Columbus established the first base of the new world.  Tomorrow we return home…..assuming the blizzarding weather doesn’t strand us somewhere.  Thank you to all the businesses that made this possible.  Thank you to all the families that made this possible.  Thank you to God for this lesson learned!