I’m pleased to announce that I will be leading a team to the Dominican Republic from January 31 through February 8, 2015.

A few things to keep in mind as you consider participating:

1) If you’re not especially handy, skilled construction-wise, or a general contractor by trade, don’t worry! These projects have tasks for all skill levels.
2) Generally, we work right alongside the Haitians we’re serving, so there are plenty of opportunities for relationship-building and fellowship.

As the year is quickly drawing to a close, please prayerfully consider participating in this opportunity to encourage and provide hands-on support to those in need. Feel free to email me directly with any questions or let me know if you’d like to attend our upcoming group meeting on December 11 for more information.

Thanks for your consideration,

Mark Drzycimski
Dispatch Project DR 2015 Team Leader