Today was another day of culture shock.  We did some great work on the church, but we are also at a point where the work that is being done is a little above our pay grade, so there were times when we just wathed the experts do some amazing things with so little.  Our Dispatch team is really working well together and a few nicknames have been assigned.  We have Implement Eric, Farmer John, Christina has taken the name Sledge Hammer, and I think the newest one is Scooter Scott.  You can ask each of them about how they got these names when they return.  One of the most interesting things the group has experienced, is the traffic.  Maybe more specifically the scooters/motorcycles are crazy!  At one point Eric Ellefson commented that they carry everything but the kitchen sink on these scooters…..before he finished the statement, we saw two gentlemen carrying a kitchen sink between them on their scooter.