Dispatch recently sent a team to the Dominican Republic. Their time was spent helping the Haitian locals finish a new church building. The current dwelling place couldn’t hold all of it’s members in a given Sunday. They needed a new church! The team came along side the church members and helped move dirt, build forms and pour concrete (with buckets, by hand!), leading to an almost complete structure by week’s end.

Former church building!

Helping build the rafters

Helping build the rafters

Though our presence there was helpful (when we weren’t getting in the way), a message was reiterated multiple times throughout the week: we were not there just to work and sweat and get our hands dirty; we were there to be there.  – Mark Drzycimski


And more than the work that they did, the impact came from working beside the Haitian people.

On this project we saw that it wasn’t just a group of benevolent first-worlders helping those less fortunate. I think I speak for everyone involved when I say that we left enriched with a perspective on life that we, in our luxury, miss.

Progress on the new building!