If you are an employer, partner with the Dispatch team as we work together to inspire the Sioux Falls business community to serve our brothers and sisters around the world that so desperately need our help and send one of your employees.

The Dispatch Project is amazing because it impacts in so many ways. The people being served get to see the love of Jesus poured out on them and their country through the work that is done and the relationships that are built. The people that go on the service trip are forever changed by what they see and by seeing the impact they can have on those in need, this makes them a better person and a better employee. The companies that support their employees benefit from the increased loyalty and productivity from a changed life. And finally, the Sioux Falls business community is enhanced because of the new connections that are made and the publicity around the world. With all of these benefits, I highly recommend that more organizations participate in this great work
— Mick, Dispatch Project Participant
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