On April 20, we’ll be sending a team to this Haitian community. Below are some updated pictures of the progress at the school; as well as a note from Fritzy (local helper) to Dave at Helping Hands for Haiti. They’ve made some great progress since our last post.

Dear my brother Dave, greeting from Jesus Christ.

Thanks for your call this morning. That was a good talk thanks very much brother. The tires going to cast $4224 Haitian money. Yesterday morning hand buy 45 bags of cement at 80 dollars Haitian money and this morning I buy 75 more bags of cement at $72.00 Haitian money. But I have to pay for the transportation to Savane a Roches. The concrete work will be done in the end of next week. Today I am able to send you some pictures of the school. Inside of one room. The walls and inside of the school are completely finish. Saturday morning I will send the driver to port-au-prince to buy the new tires for the truck. You going to have the picture of Rosie today. Merry Easter to all of you bye.

 Your brother in Christ Fritzy