Below you will find some pictures outlining progress on the school in Savane a Roches.  We have a great team of individuals that will be traveling to Haiti to help with this project in a few weeks (April 20-27).  The boy you see in the picture slept/sleeps in the back of the school which just reaffirms the need in the area. The note below is from a gentleman working on site (Fritzy) to the director, Dave, at Helping Hands for Haiti.

Hello my brother Dave,

How are you doing? I hope you are doing well grace of God.

Today I am really to send you some pictures of the school and a little boy who slept in the back of the school. Those worked are made from the February 25 to march 2nd. As you see many work has been done. I hope you like or appreciate my work. Take care and bye brother.

Your brother in Christ Fritzy