Since starting the first Dispatch Project in early 2012…

People are getting involved.

Over 50 people in/around Sioux Falls have gone on trips, forever impacting their perspective on work, family, their faith, and their life.

Businesses are supporting the cause.

Over 25 businesses have supported employees on Dispatch Project trips – both through financial support as well as comping paid time off to encourage employee participation.

Needs are being met.

A Dispatch Project participant helped raise $50,000 for building and land purchases for Christian organizations in the Dominican Republic after seeing first-hand the impact this financial support can have.

Relationships are being made.

A 2013 trip to Jamaica was organized to help with building needs at the Jamaica Deaf Village – needs that were seen first-hand on a previous trip, spurring this group to plan the return work trip.

Two participants from our Nicaragua trips are now full time teachers at Nicaragua Christian Academy.

Service impact is growing.

A 2013 work trip to the Dominican Republic was planned by a gentleman who served in 2012 and was inspired to make a difference while furthering the reach of the Dispatch Project.

Missions are being strengthened.

Participants of the Dispatch Project work along the side of organizations also striving to channel God’s love in the communities served. These organizations include:

  • Volunteers assisted Helping Hands for Haiti in building a multi-use school/church building in Savane a Roches, Haiti. The building allows room for 150 kids to attend school 5 days a week.
  • Volunteers joined the Caribbean Christian Centre for the Deaf with some much needed construction projects, immersed themselves into the culture of the deaf community and were a blessing to the missionaries working there.
  • Volunteers helped Christian Reformed World Missions with a construction project while gaining exposure to Dominican cultures and participating in community development activities.
  • Volunteers distributed hundreds of pairs of shoes as part of a shoe distribution for Samaritan’s Feet.