We arrived in Montego Bay, Jamaica, shortly after 7:30 pm after a long day of travel. Fortunately, a mound of black nylon bags greeted us as we passed through immigration and on to the baggage claim. Unfortunately, customs wouldn’t let them through, even with pre-approval from the Jamaican government and Paul’s best charm. “Come back Monday,” they said. Paul responded, “I’m kind of a big deal–the Ussain Bolt of online marketing.” No dice.

We proceeded, shoeless, to the Caribbean Christian Center, a school for hearing impaired children. Jeff Daniels, director of the school, provided a brief orientation and schedule before directing us to the dorms where we will be staying. We plan to visit all three of the CCC campuses throughout the week to interact with the children, distribute shoes, and ultimately be ambassadors for Christ as we serve. Now, let’s get these shoes into the country!