Yesterday was a Jamaican “day of rest” for our group. We enjoyed a full day of Jamaican food, including breadfruit and acke (sp??) for breakfast, patties for lunch and jerk chicken and bami for dinner.

We ventured about an hour away from the Deaf Village to a tourist spot called YS Falls. The first thing we all did was zip line, which was a first time experience for most of the group. We made it out of the trees with no major injuries. After lunch many of us relaxed in the pool while a few others tried out a rope swing into the falls. What a beautiful place and a great bonding day for the group.

We’ve mastered some card games as our after dinner entertainment. Some mean games of Speed and Up and Down the River have been played.

Last night was our last night at the Deaf Village, and this morning we depart for Kingston for our last shoe distribution. This trip has really flown by. I’m excited to go home with a new outlook on my life, and many new friends whom I’ve become close to in one short week. 15 of our lives have been forever intertwined by a small act of feet washing.