The Dispatch Project recently returned to the Jamaican Deaf Village (JDV) and Caribbean Christian Centre for the Deaf (CCCD) in Jamaica.

Using the JDV campus as home base, the Sioux Falls crew spent time at the CCCD school for the deaf in Knockpatrick, an orphanage, and an infirmary. Their humanitarian mission was to simply spend time with the deaf, the orphans, and the sick—to remind them that they were important, and loved.

Words can’t describe what it was like to see smiles on the orphans’ faces, to hear the laughter of the deaf as they played dominoes, and to feel the desperation of those living out the end of their lives in the infirmary. But ask any of the Sioux Falls crew, and they’ll do their best to tell you. Here’s a beautifully written recap.

If you would like to join or help sponsor a future crew to serve “the least of these” in Jamaica, inquire here.