Dispatch Project will be organizing a service and learning trip to Jamaica, October 31 – November 7.  Much like our trip in 2014 we will be serving along side the missionaries and deaf community at Caribbean Christian Center for the Deaf.

Our time will be spent visiting a local orphanage, interacting with the students at one of the school campuses, and spreading some much needed love at the local infirmary . We will likely be helping with light construction at their up and coming Retreat Center at the Jamaican Deaf Village as well.  At some point during the week we will take a day to enjoy the beautiful beach and local cuisine, which is a wonderful chance to recharge and reflect

Three years ago, I attended a presentation on Dispatch Project’s mission trip to a deaf community in Jamaica. I was overtaken with emotion and knew immediately that I wanted to go and experience it for myself. When the opportunity arise, I gave it prayerful consideration and found in my heart a willingness and a mission to help the deaf in Jamaica. Looking back, I can barely describe it — the opportunity, the work, and the emotion all tangles together into one distant memory — but I clearly recall how it felt to communicate with the deaf using the sign language I’d learned in the states, and to reassure them that they were beloved children of God. Helping those less fortunate has given me a new outlook on compassion for humankind and I cannot wait to go on more trips in the future.  - Betsy McCarty

This trip has something for everyone! You can read more about last years trip here.

Trip cost is $2,000 which covers airfare, lodging, meals and project costs. The cost is 100% tax deductible.

For more information, please contact this years trip leader, Sarah Werner at sarah.r.werner@gmail.com.