It looks like we’ll be heading back to Jamaica, in September 2013.

Here are a few of the basics:

  • DatesSeptember 14th – September 21st, 2013
  • Cost: $2000 per person. That covers flights, housing, food and local travel. What that does not cover is snacks/food on the flight or souvenirs. A pricing schedule will be sent out later as the trip gets closer. The tentative deadline for funding is, July 1st, but we’re still confirming this.
  • Location: Housing will be at JDV (Jamaican Deaf Village), but we may make some day trips to the Knockpatrick school (about 30 minutes drive away) and/or to an infirmary.
  • Mission: We will be doing a construction project this time around instead of washing the feet of students. Since there are quite a few groups before ours, the details surrounding the actual project is to be determined. However, the campus sits on 100 acres and there are quite a few things to do. Ben’s goal is to have the roof up on the multipurpose building by that time, so it could be a matter of running wires for electrical, moving piles of rock from one location to another, like in a prison (hahaha, just kidding), installing shutters and doors, etc. etc. etc. Ben also asked if we would be ok with visiting an infirmary, and I told him that we are (which is kinda of like housing for sick people – cf. Matt 25:35-40).

The missionary hosts are through CCCD (Caribbean Christian Centre for the Deaf – and we’ll be staying with Missionaries Ben & Krista for a week.

Some other items worth noting is that JDV houses up to 40 people, although I think our goal is around 15 – 20. We’ve done construction projects with Dispatch multiple times and I can assure you, everyone can play a part, even if you have no construction background. Having said that, if any one knows any skilled construction workers or know of any construction company executives we could talk to, please send me their information and I would love to speak with them.

If you or any business leaders can’t go, but still want to get involved, they’re also raising funds for solar panels. They’re $1000 per unit (which buys 2 panels, a converter and the necessary wiring).

Stay tuned for more information.