Did this trip change my life? Not in the past tense, no.

It’s changing my life.

The Dispatch Project’s trip to Nicaragua was both my first mission trip and first time leaving the country. Despite all the questions that accompany an international adventure—”What should I know about the culture? Do I need to pack bug spray and nine protective layers of clothes? How will I tell Mom we made it there safely?”—I never felt nervous or uncertain about going. Only excited for what would happen as a result.

Our eight-member team included fellow Click Rain employees Mark Drzycimski (this year’s fearless leader) and Kaitlyn Martinez. The team met as a group before leaving, got to know each other, and learned more about what it means to serve.

Our key takeaway? A short-term trip won’t resolve the pollution, corruption, and other daunting issues. Rather, our purpose there was to encourage—to reassure those we encountered of their worth, their work, and their role in fulfilling God’s plan. So from June 10 to 19, that’s what we did.

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