Haiti, January 2018

Dispatch Project is excited to return to Haiti early next year. We will once again be partnering with Mission Haiti January 3-9, 2018. We will continue to do our best to provide sustainable ideas for continued growth in the region. Historically this trip has been focused around touring what Mission Haiti is doing in the area (schools, jobs, etc) and making an effort to help not only while there, but when we return by sharing ideas and generating resources. If you might be interested in attending this very special service trip, please contact us at: info@dispatchproject.org.

Dominican Republic, March 2018

Dispatch Project is planning a return trip to the Dominican Republic March 10-18, 2018.  We will be walking alongside Christian Reformed World Missions to help with a building project for a local congregation.  First days are usually spent exploring and seeing the current church and construction site, as well as getting to know the local people in the area. The remainder of the week is spent putting your hands to work assisting in the actual project. Anyone willing to get their hands dirty and serve with a great attitude is encouraged to attend! It's an amazing experience every time we send a group! Interested? Let us know by reaching out to info@dispatchproject.org.